Corporate Stay in Yercaud

Corporate Stay in Yercaud

Yercaud Cottages strives to provide a perfect stay for corporate personnel who are looking for corporate accommodations or sublets. Our Premium cottages has worked hard to develop appropriate accommodations for working professionals who wish to live in a relaxing setting and have a wonderful stay, with an incredibly high occupancy rate.

At our Corporate Stay in Yercaud, our staff will truly care about your needs, making your stay a pleasant one with the necessary requirements. Our simple and appealing property is surrounded by a perennial lake and a reserved forest with a mountain outlook. Its outstanding stay for your corporate needs, along with our hospitality, will undoubtedly provide a fantastic experience for the guests. Yercaud Cottages with two or three-bedroom cottages that are completely furnished and attractively built, and provide an easygoing lifestyle for fast-paced professionals on an economical budget.

The rentals and corporate stay in Yercaud have a high occupancy rate throughout the year, so thanks to a large number of extremely delighted clients.

Lying in the lap of nature, Our corporate stay in Yercaud is a beautiful setting in a reserved forest. We bring a breath of fresh air for professionals working late hours, away from the busy metropolitan noise. The facilities are supplied to allow the visitor to feel at home while also returning to a pleasant and attractive house after a hard day of work. Corporate business people prefer corporate serviced rentals because it provides them with the quiet and they need to live a happy and healthy life and conduct their conversation with ease.


3, Pagoda Point Road, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636601

Facilities and Amenities We provide

  • Modern Technology
  • Travel Arrangments
  • 24/7 Support
  • Budget-Friendly Rooms
  • Hot Water Facility
  • Baby-Friendly Amenities
  • Wifi Facilities
  • Student-Friendly Amenities
  • Parking Area
  • Meal Packages
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Safe and Secure Booking